Where Did My Account Go?

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Where Did My Account Go?

Postby Admin » Wed Feb 16, 2011 9:23 pm

The Backstory

Back in January 2011, I set forth a plan to purge the forum of close to 25,000 dead accounts.

Back in the day, we used to host the Announcement List through the forum (we do not anymore - please go here to subscribe to the email Announcement List). Because of that (and for pre-sale passwords), many people registered on the forum, but never posted.

Also, through the years, people have registered with work and school email addresses which are no longer valid.

Both of these circumstances have caused the board to be filled with tens of thousands of dead accounts.

Not only did this slow down the board dramatically, but all the dead email addresses bounced to my email account. Every birthday, every missed Private Message, every subscribed thread alert; all of these generated bounced email messages to my inbox.

So What Has Happened?

Back in January, I emailed all users with a "zero post" count an email, saying that if they wanted to stay a member of the forum, all they had to do was let me know (first with a "reply to me" email, and then secondly with a "click here and say hello" email). Out of over 25,000 people, only about 2300 replied.

Of those 2300 (+/-), many replied with email addresses that were not registered on the forum. On some of those accounts, I have taken the liberty of replacing the old email addresses with the new ones. Also, some people replied with "don't delete me", but without supplying the registered email address, or their username. Those people have been deleted (sorry - you did not send an email with accurate information).

What All This Means

If you had a "zero-post" account, it has been deleted. For the 2300 (+/-) people who asked to preserve their "zero-post" account, and who correctly supplied the necessary info to preserver their account, I artificially boosted their post count to one, so as to not get caught in my "zero-post" mass deletion.

Still Want To Post?

Simple: re-register.

If somehow your account got deleted in the sweep, please re-register. Please note, though, that some email domains (mainly gmail.com) are blocked from registering on this forum, due to the amount of spam accounts that have flooded this board.

Please note: To read the board, you DO NOT NEED to have an account. The ONLY REASON to have an account on this forum is if you intend on posting.

If you still want to post, and can follow the rules of the F.A.Q., then register (or re-register).

Thank you for reading this.

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