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PLEASE READ the "Quick Tips" thread on this forum before contacting the moderators or admin about any issues you might be having. You will find the Quick Tips answer a lot of questions (logging in, editing posts, et cetera). The web staff appreciate those who read before posting and emailing. Thank you!

Some important threads: Where did my account go? | Search Feature 101

A special note: If you are blatantly rude to people, don't be surprised when you are permanently banned. Be nice, or be gone.


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Thursday, January 29th, 2015 - 12:39am (PST)
Due to the incessant spamming, as well as the old software that was running the forum, we have decided to get a new forum up and running. Researching the different options, and ensuring that we lose as little as possible (user info, posts, et cetera) in the transition, is taking more time than anticipated. Thank you for your continued patience, and stay tuned!

Daniel ("BRAT"), Admin/webmaster

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